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I am passionate about creating things and about connecting with people. Whether with thread and fabric, paint and canvas, plants and water, or light and glass, I am happiest when I am creating or capturing beauty in one of its infinite forms and when I am able to share what I have created or captured with others. Dandelion Moon LLC dba Dandelion Moon Photography provides creation and connection through service and collaboration.

Whether you are looking for photography, design, or consulting services for your organization, your business, your family, or yourself, I look forward to collaborating with you and using my skills and experience to realize your vision!

Since the disposable cameras and Polaroids of my childhood, I have enjoyed recording moments as I experienced them and sharing those recorded moments, photographs, with others. Years later, I took the introductory and advanced photography classes offered at my high school. In those courses, I learned about film and digital photography and began to develop my eye and my editing. Since then, I have photographed senior portraits, head shots, real estate listings, weddings, parties, and other events for family and friends. I have continued to study and to pursue further knowledge and education about photographic concepts and techniques. I am continually developing my my eye and my editing. I enjoy spending time behind the lens while exploring natural and urban areas, as well, finding new ways to look at and record the world around me.

Over the years, I have studied various topics formally and informally, and have worked in a variety of industries and positions. I have a Bachelor of Social Work and have spent time working on graduate studies. I have learned from my education and from my employment, from my experiences and from my relationships, and from my perception of this world that we share. The most important things that I have learned are the significance of perception and framing, the significance of the connections that we cultivate, and the significance of being willing to continually learn and grow.

As I continue on this adventure in creation and connection as Dandelion Moon LLC dba Dandelion Moon Photography, I hope that we can connect, and that we can capture and create together.


Brittany Frances Howard
Photographer, Designer, Consultant, Owner
Dandelion Moon LLC dba Dandelion Moon Photography

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About Brittany Frances Howard

I express my passion for creation and connection in a myriad of ways, continually working to be present in and to enhance the world around me.

I have had a creative soul, filled with desire to make meaning and beauty in the world around me, since the beginning of my memory.

I am my truest self when I am staying busy learning, growing, and creating. I am my most content self when I am sharing these endeavors and experiences, connecting with others.

Creative Endeavors in the Wilderness, in the Garden, and in the Kitchen

When I was a child, I spent most of my summer days in my grandmother's garden, and most of my autumn, winter, and spring afternoons in the forest behind my home. Many memories of my childhood are those of exploring and interacting with nature.

One of these fondest memories is that of my cousin and I making 'perfume' in our grandmother's garden. We would gather fallen petals and leaves, treasured though often shriveled and wilted. We would then meticulously mix our treasures with water in little glass bottles and jars. After these small containers sat in the heat of the summer garden for days, we would come back to them to check their progress. Always, the results were a foul brew - but we were proud of those results nonetheless.

Another fond recollection is that of my fascination with and connection to the flora and fauna that dwelt within the forest. As a child, I had a love of things that crawled and scuttled and scurried, unaware and uncaring that I might be otherwise expected to be afraid of or appalled by them. Even beyond this passion for creatures, though, was my passion for trees and flowers and other life forms green and brown and rainbow-hued.

Today, I channel my passion for the natural world into activities that allow me to capture, to create, and to connect.

I enjoy spending time outdoors as much as possible, sharing in shaded symbiosis as I traipse through the trees. While I spend much of this time just existing among countless species, communing with and studying the surroundings, I do often take time to capture the beauty of nature through photography.

One of my favorite places in my home is the kitchen. It is there that I lose myself in making creations that are nourishing to myself and to those that I have the honor of providing sustenance. From calming and soothing tea blends, to ones that energize and invigorate, to kombucha and sauerkraut and other probiotic ferments (all far evolutions of my childhood 'perfume'), to cooked concoctions and baked breads and other goodies, I have a strong passion for creating nourishment and for sharing nourishment with others.

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Creative Endeavors in the Studio

From the elementary school days of photographing friends and nature before things went digital, finding out weeks or months later whether the shots turned out, to those spent sewing halter tops and little dolls by hand, playing violin and melodica, and filling notebooks with thoughts and poems and songs, I have always found solace in time spent expressing and creating.

Middle school and beyond brought me knitting, sewing by machine, crocheting, new pursuits in photography, upright and electric bass, painting my emotions, and more notebooks filled with thoughts and poems and songs.

I continue to enjoy spending time on similar pursuits to this day, though technology and my access to it have evolved. I often sew bags and backpacks and pouches, and my crocheting is continually evolving. I find myself best able to express myself when painting or making music (activities often shared with my partner Zach), or framing a scene from behind the camera lens. There is still something romantic, though, about things created by hand. While I use technology in many of my creative pursuits, I continue to have reverence for manual creation.

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Other Expressive, Consumptive, and Connective Endeavors

Yoga and meditation are essential parts of my self-care. I find great satisfaction in connecting with myself, feeling the convergence of my mind, body, and spirit. As I am not my most authentic self when my practice is inconsistent, I strive to maintain this practice.

My partner and I enjoy haunting local book stores, adding to our library of books, records, and films. Our collections are diverse and eclectic, much like us. We also find solace in reading, listening to music - music is so deeply a part of our lives - and watching films. While we enjoy sharing these collections, one of our favorite ways of connecting with others is through playing tabletop role playing games (RPGs), board games, and video games.

While we enjoy spending time at our home and in our community, we find equal enjoyment in travel and exploration. We are continually searching for new destinations, having adventures.

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I love meeting and connecting with people. Despite the ugliness that exists in the world, there is so much beauty out there, too.

While I do not deign to overlook ugliness or injustice or iniquity, and in fact advocate against such, I also know well how necessary it is to find and appreciate beauty and connection and love. As TWOLA says, "Love is still the most powerful force on the planet." I believe this with my every fiber.

And so, I choose to love. I choose to create, to capture, and to connect.

I hope that we can connect, and that we can capture and create together.

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Brittany Frances Howard

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